Jens Christian Winther


Jens Christian assists in identifying the development potential in your company. He also has the overview of which EU calls or funding opportunities could match your potential. Jens Christian can also be of assistance with a 360-degree view of your innovation process as well with feedback on the product and the business model.

+45 4058 0030

Hanne Bregendahl

Hanne Bregendahl Pihl

Senior Project Manager

Hanne is our Senior Project Manager for Enterprise Europe Network. She assists companies from North Denmark to find new projects, products and technologies abroad.

+45 6188 5307

Hanne Bregendahl

Morten Brandt-Pedersen

Senior Consultant

At the office in Brussels, Morten handles the professional management and coordination of the efforts at the same time as he is North Jutland's extended arm to the EU within health innovation. Here, his primary task is to help actors in the North Jutland and projects through the EU's many support opportunities. He is your gateway to funding, international knowledge sharing, professional networks, and a host of potential partners in healthcare innovation and research.

+32 470 82 21 41

Aija Konisevska Azadi


Aija is coordinator for the Enterprise Europe Network and helps companies and organizations with partner searches, application feedback and project pool screenings for project ideas. Aija is the Vice-President of Enterprise Europe Networks Tourism and Heritage Group, which has 32 members from other EU countries and can help direct access to knowledge, partners and project opportunities for the creative, cultural and tourism players in more than 60 countries. Aija is also the office's contact point for the Erasmus+ program, focusing on activities targeted at higher education institutions.

+45 5010 3852


International project developer

Carsten focuses on helping companies gain access to EU funding. He provides support to companies as he helps to highlight significant potential and technology maturity. If your company has used sparring on a previous idea or you are considering a completely new business model, call and make an appointment. Carsten also helps companies that have already obtained funding from the EU. Carsten has an education as a low-voltage engineer, HD-U and eMBA MMT, and many years of experience as a product manager.

+45 4060 1039

Hanne Bregendahl

Michael Rafn

International network manager

Michael is working for the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). He helps companies in Northern Jutland to achieve international business development, growth ambitions and establish business partnerships with foreign companies. Michael is chairman of the EEN Maritime Sector Group which provides him with the unique possibility to share knowledge with experts from more than 60 countries within this area.

+45 5045 6900


EU Consultant

Cecilie is working from the office in Brussels, where she is responsible for tasks and projects related to the green transition. Her primary task is to assist public actors getting access to EU funding within the field, including LIFE, GREEN DEAL, Interreg et al. She also works to identify project opportunities and develops projects in collaboration with municipalities. Cecilie is your access to network, events, potential project partners and knowledge of EU’s green transition.

+32 470 58 49 15

Liselotte Jensen


EU Consultant

Jacob works in our office in Brussels, where he works with education and skilled labor. Jacob works closely with public actors such as municipalities, primary schools, business schools, associations, etc., where he shortens their path to EU pools such as Erasmus+, InterReg, and EaSi. In addition, he uncovers project opportunities and develops projects in collaboration with the individual municipality, school, or association.

 +32 479 96 09 68

Liselotte Jensen

Peter Rødbro Hansen

International project consultant

Peter focuses on expanding the vision of regional actors though the office’s many networks e.g., European Enterprise Network, ERRIN and EU-DK Support. Peter helps making sure that the regional actors know and uses the many opportunities in these networks, including searching for project partners, sourcing, technology transfer, cluster collaboration etc.

+45 6188 0017

Liselotte Jensen

Bente Mølgaard Møller

Administrative assistant

Bente is our administrative officer and manages the office's finances, including accounting, payment of bills, handling of expenses, driving, diets and general administrative tasks such as managing contracts, ordering IT, purchasing, holiday and absence registration, being the point of contact for the auditor, insurance, bank and other external suppliers.

+45 6188 0015

Liselotte Jensen

Maria Sofie Juhl


Maria is our student assistant at the office in Aalborg, where she works with communication and tasks relating to Enterprise Europe Network. She is currently studying Politics and Administration at Aalborg University. Maria has previously interned at North Denmark EU-Office.


Frederikke Ankjær Jensen


Frederikke is our intern at the office in Brussels, where she assists the consultants in their daily work. Frederikke is currently studying Political Science at Copenhagen University and she has a bachelor’s degree in International Studies, from Roskilde University. Moreover, Frederikke is an EU Career ambassador at KU CSS.

+32 472 30 85 06