Benjamin Holst


Benjamin is the Director of North Denmark EU office. He is responsible for the strategic management of the office and the coordination between the department in North Denmark and in Brussels.

+45 2480 6289

Casper Gerner Mikkelsen

COO & Head of Business Development

Casper is our COO & Head of Business Development- Furthermore he is working with the Strategic Investment Program (SIP) where he guides companies from North Denmark on how to access EU funding.

+45 4088 8876

Hanne Bregendahl

Hanne Bregendahl Pihl

Senior Project Manager

Hanne is our Senior Project Manager for Enterprise Europe Network. She assists companies from North Denmark to find new projects, products and technologies abroad.

+45 6188 5307

Liselotte Jensen

Liselotte Jensen

Chief Consultant – Team Bruxelles

Liselotte is one of our Brussels based EU Consultants. She is an expert in climate and green transition as well as in education and skilled labor, and helps among other things with partner searches and support on EU applications.

+32 472 305 037

Jonas Hansen

EU Consultant – Team Bruxelles

Jonas is our EU Consultant on ICT. He is based in Brussels where he assists public and private actors from North Denmark getting access to EU funding.

+32 479 960 968

Xenia R. Lauritsen

EU consultant – Team Bruxelles

Xenia is based in Brussels where she is responsible for Health programmes and innovation. She has years of experience in EU funds consultancy within the field of health and well-being.

+32 485 983 606

Anne-Luise Skov Jensen

Fundraising Manager

Anne-Luise is Fundraising Manager and coordinator for the Strategic Investment Program (SIP). She further helps companies from North Denmark to navigate in the many EU programs.

+ 45 2154 6848

Aija Konisevska Azadi

International Project Consultant

Aija is our Project Consultant and helps actors from North Denmark to find partners and participate in EU projects. Furthermore, she is the contact person for the Erasmus+ program, and working for the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

+45 5010 3852

Hanne Bregendahl

Michael Rafn

International network manager

Michael is working for the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). He helps companies in Northern Jutland to achieve international business development, growth ambitions and establish business partnerships with foreign companies. Michael is a member of the EEN Maritime Sector Group which provides him with the unique possibility to share knowledge with experts from more than 60 countries within this area.

+45 5045 6900

Hanne Bregendahl

Frederik Ditlef Martens

Project Assistant

Frederik is project assistant at the Støvring Office. In the autumn 2019, Frederik has been an intern at the office in Brussels where he has acquired knowledge about Smart Cities, Transport, Energy, Climate and Innovation.

+45 6188 5300